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 If you know anyone who has more time than money please point them to this page

Almost every program will work more quickly if you can deposit money to get it started but these will work with no money upfront

(1)  This one is just due to launch and if you are lucky you can still get a FOUNDER'S position which will give you an automatic, monthly residual income that increases as the site grows

This site is designed for success  for the most disadvantaged people who can not afford a deposit who can start on the bottom level and work their way up.

Most people would be quite happy to start on the top level for $40 just for the wonderful advertising that they immediately get.

Everyone is paid each day for logging in, reading emails ( on site), sending emails and clicking links.

Your emails will be read because people will not be paid if they do not

You will be paid with the only crypto I know of  that has a guaranteed value


This one will pay you each day just for reading ads

Here you will get a wonderful crypto wallet and an education to help you use it.

This was amazing when an asimi was worth $3

It has been steadily reducing and is now about  $.05 but the owner Luke is totally committed to it and it could rise again 

It is marvellous advertising value at the moment


Designed to hold international companies to account
bUnited has the power to make our world more sustainable. Not just greenwashing, real substantial changes.And the great thing is that bUnited pays everyone to unite. Very innovative.See for yourself. I love it!